What is the reliability of information that appears on WGF?

WGF is about crunching the web to find information about companies receiving funds, or investors funding them. Most of the time, information published on the web about funding is legit. However, sometimes people spread unfounded rumors that gain traction.

In the event that a rumour is circulating on Twitter that X company has received funding of 1 million dollars we acknowledge the rumour on the website but mention clearly that no record exists that funding was received. This way people can use the website to dispel rumours or verify facts. 

We provide you with the ability to check whether information is credible or not as we display all the data sources that led us to identify a deal. It is rare that a deal mentioned on WGF is not true, and even more in the following cases:

- if the deal has a data source coming from a reputable source such as www.sec.gov (US Securities and Exchange commission) 

- if there are multiple sources relaying the deal;

- if the sources mentioning the deal are well-known newspapers or blogs (e.g. TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, WSJ ...).

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