What to type in "Keywords" field? How does Power Search works?

The keywords field in our “Power search" page is an advanced, complex feature that finds all deals related to what you type. You can type specific industries (e.g. "solar energy"), people names, company names, places names, etc.

Results returned are broad. For instance, if you type a company name, results may include fundings raised by this company, but also deals in which the company invested, or deals from the company's competitors, deals in a sector related to the company's activities, etc.

Tip: if you just want to find the deals of a given company, you can use the more specific "companies" filter, below in the facets. There are also specific filters for investors and people below.

If you type a specific industry, such as "social media monitoring" (with quotes), it will gather newly funded companies in this industry. The results you get may not be an exhaustive list, due to the way that keywords are associated with the deals. But don’t worry, you’ll still be able to spot the deals you need quickly.

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