Whogotfunded: best and cheapest!

How can we claim to be the best AND cheapest source for funding deals on the internet? 

Well, other solutions rely on manual survey of the activity, and input of deals by human personel. For free deal sources, it means that the deals depend on wishes of users and volonteer work, and has no quality guarantee. For professionnal sources, it means that many employees must be paid to perform survey and input of deals.

The Whogotfunded.com research team developed a 99% automated technology to detect deals--using bleeding edge advances in A.I. and natural language processing.This means we are able to survey the whole internet, which is not feasible via manual work. Thus, more deals. This also means that our operational costs are quite low, so we can afford to provide the service at a lower price.

There you have it! Best and cheapest!

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